After the last year’s drive-thru event, more than 2.2 million people visited the State Fair of Texas in 2021, 1,000 vaccines applied

Texas – Fairgoers could finally attend the State Fair of Texas this year in a “regular way”, after the last year’s drive-thru event due to pandemic measures.

According to the most recent data, more than 2.2 million fairgoers attended this year’s event coming close to the 2019 numbers, officials say.

The State Fair of Texas has been running for 24 days and ended up last weekend on Sunday.

Due to the pandemic measures, the State Fair of Texas was organized as a drive-thru event last year and only 50,000 people in vehicles attend the event.

Nearly 300,000 people less attended the event this year compared to 2019 when more than 2.5 million attended the event during the 24-day period.

“We are incredibly grateful that we played a part in reuniting friends and families for the time-honored tradition of the State Fair,” said State Fair of Texas president Mitchell Glieber in a statement.

There was vaccine clinic available at the fair and more than 1,000 people decided to get the shot there, Glieber announced.

Officials said about 520,000 corny dogs were sold during the fair’s run this year, which is about 21,000 per day.

Officials with the State Fair of Texas hope that next year even more people will attend the event and looking forward to set a new record high number of attendees.

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