Stranger lends North Texas nurse his car, fills hers with gas after hers breaks down

Fort Worth, Texas – A Texas nurse was getting ready to drive to her shift at Baylor All Saints Hospital in Fort Worth, where she helps staff who are treating COVID-19 patients, when she realized her car was dead.

Kyrie Anderson heard a truck coming around the corner.

“I was like, somebody can help me at least jump my car,” she says.

The man in the truck said he’d help jump her car, but they couldn’t get the car unlocked. As Anderson stressed about how long it was going to take for help to arrive, the stranger made an offer.

“If you want, I can stay here and wait for the locksmith to get here to unlock your car and you can drive my other car to work,” Anderson recalls the man saying.

She couldn’t believe the gesture.

“I’m holding his car keys, I don’t know his name! That’s when it hit me. I got really teary. I finally lost it and I said I’m sorry, I’m just really grateful,” she says.

Anderson took a photo in his car and posted about the encounter on Facebook. Her story has since been shared 21,000 times.

When she returned from work, he said, “I hope you don’t mind, after we got your car started, I took it over to the auto shop to have the battery looked at,” Anderson recalls the man saying.

He went to two shops, which gave the battery a passing grade.

Still, when Anderson returned home from work and returned the man’s car, she got into her own car and the battery was still dead. The same man came and jumped her car, and when she went to drive it, she found another surprise.

“I realized he’d filled my tank up with gas,” Anderson said. “Just totally taking care of me.

“I kept crying over and over,” she said.

The stranger didn’t respond for this story, but Anderson said his kindness will stay with her forever.

“We are just really out here to help each other, so I really hope that’s the overwhelming message,” she said.

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