Fort Worth police officer shot a suicidal woman wielding a knife. She now faces charges

Fort Worth, Texas – In an incident in Fort Worth, a police officer was forced to shoot a distressed woman armed with a knife on Monday, perceiving her actions as a “deadly threat.”

Fort Worth authorities reported that late on Monday night, around 11:31 p.m., they received a distress call from an apartment located on the 5900 block of Greenspoint Drive. The caller was identified as 20-year-old Kaitlyn Balogun, who distressingly relayed to the dispatchers that she was “bleeding out” and attempting to “kill herself.”

According to police reports, the first responder arrived at the scene and engaged with Balogun at the entrance of her apartment. At this juncture, Balogun reportedly retrieved a knife from the floor.

In a press conference held on Thursday, May 25, Fort Worth Police Department shared an edited video recounting the incident. Chief Neil Noakes provided further details, explaining that as Balogun approached the threshold of the door with the knife in hand, the officer was backed up against a balcony railing.

During the escalating situation, Balogun implored the officer to shoot her, repeatedly. With no additional room for retreat, the officer was left with little choice. Chief Noakes described how the officer “perceived a deadly threat,” leading him to discharge his weapon, subsequently striking Balogun in the hip.

“Time and distance are our friend in a situation like that,” Noakes said. “Given the fact this was a small landing on the second floor, there really weren’t many options.”

In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, the officer made his way into the apartment to provide assistance. Another officer arrived shortly to aid in the situation.

Emergency services promptly transported Balogun to a nearby hospital, where she was listed in stable condition. Chief Noakes confirmed that she was released from the hospital within a few hours the same day.

The Fort Worth Police Department assured that no officers or bystanders were harmed during this episode.

Subsequent to the incident, Balogun was taken into custody, facing charges of aggravated assault against a public servant. Chief Noakes clarified that, at present, there’s no evidence suggesting Balogun was under the influence or neglecting prescribed medication.

Additionally, Noakes shared that the officer involved, though not part of the department’s crisis team, had received de-escalation training.

Chief Noakes extended his appeal to the community, requesting prayers for both Balogun and the officer involved in this distressing event.

“This doesn’t just impact one person,” he said. “It’s impacted many people and I believe all of them need our support right now.”

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