Arlington woman is facing a murder charge after telling police she killed her husband with a hammer

Arlington, Texas – An Arlington resident is facing a murder charge following her confession to local law enforcement that she fatally struck her husband with a hammer after he presented her with divorce papers.

As per the arrest warrant, My Tran, 42, contacted emergency services in the early hours of May 24, confessing to the murder of her 45-year-old spouse.

Local authorities arrived posthaste at the husband’s residence on Sweetgum Trail’s 3200 block, where they found Tran awaiting their arrival. The lifeless body of the man, discovered on the bed within the apartment, exhibited severe head injuries, according to the Arlington Police.

Tran, a Vietnamese speaker, relayed her account of the event to a Vietnamese-fluent detective from the department, foregoing her rights to remain silent. Based on the authorities’ statement, Tran confessed that her husband had summoned her to his dwelling to finalize divorce proceedings, a situation that stirred considerable anger within her.

The details revealed by Tran to the detective included her carrying a hammer to her husband’s apartment, with premeditated thoughts of killing him. Upon arrival, she allegedly inflicted six to seven blows to his head and then dialed 911.

Authorities affirmed that Tran demonstrated full cognizance of her actions and expressed readiness to take responsibility for the death of her husband.

Subsequent to her arrest, Tran was taken into custody at the Arlington City Jail, with charges of murder pressed against her. As per recent jail records, she was transferred to the Tarrant County Jail this Thursday. Her bond details are yet to be established, and there is no information available on whether she has secured legal representation.

The identity of the deceased man remains undisclosed at this time. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office will make a formal identification following notification of his family.

The police report disclosed that a hammer was discovered near the victim. The investigation surrounding the circumstances of his death continues.

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