The teacher aide, who cut a minor special needs student’s both of his long braids for several inches and placed the snipped pieces in a bag, has been suspended; the student’s parents plan to file a lawsuit

Teachers and teachers’ aides are obligated to undergo special trainings before they are allowed to take care of students with disabilities and special needs students. Taking care of minor students with special needs requires a lot of dedication, knowledge and patience and parts of those special trainings are specifically designed to train teachers handling different kinds of situations while in school.

While in most of the cases these trainings work and special educators with their aides are able to control most of the situations in schools, a recent incident left the local community speechless after it was discovered that a teacher’s aide cut one of her student’s hair, something that was, understandably, very infuriating for the child’s parents.

According to multiple reports, the incident happened last Tuesday when the mother of the student, C. Royston, received a call from the principal informing her that their 5-year-old son’s hair had been cut, allegedly by a teacher’s aide in his classroom. While the incident is very serious by itself, the Roystons were nothing but devastated when they initially heard about it taking into consideration the fact the family takes pride in long hair and they have never cut their son’s Jax hair.

“Our grandfather told us your strength is your hair and, with our men, a lot of the men in our family have long hair, including [Jax] father,” Royston said. “There’s no way to justify what she did but I do want to know what pushed her to the point this is OK to do this,” Royston added.

The mother explained that her 5-year-old special needs child went to school that day with two long braids. When she went to pick up her son from school, she saw that Jax’s braids were cut and they were obviously not as long as they used to be. According to Royston, several inches were cut from both braids when she picked up her son. Obviously, Royston was very disappointed of what had happened citing that she and her husband had full trust in their son’s teacher and the aide.

Royston said her son’s teacher explained the class had split into groups. The teacher’s aide was working with Jax and another student. Moments later, the aide got up, said goodbye to the teacher and left with no explanation. “She said, ‘What happened,’ and one of the students said the assistant teacher cut Jax hair,” Royston recalled. “Then she looked by his seat and there was hair on the floor.”

The incident, that reportedly happened in Ga. based Rosebud Elementary School, left many parents worried about their children’s safety while in school forcing the school principal to send a letter to the parents informing them about what had happened. In the letter to the parents, the principal confirmed the assistant teacher was not allowed on campus until a Human Resources and police investigation are completed.

“As soon as I was made aware of this situation, I immediately contacted the district’s Human Resources Department and our school police, and both have launched investigations into what happened. In the meantime, I want to reassure you, the accused paraprofessional will not be permitted to return to our school,” the principal said in the letter to the parents.

The Roystons immediately pulled their son from the school. They also confirmed that they are considering to pursue criminal charges against the assistant teacher accused of cutting their son’s hair.

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