Black high school history teacher files lawsuit against White student for acts of racism after the student had been repeatedly placing a banana in his classroom doorway for several months

From teachers to parents, the rising number of racial incidents in schools across America is slowly becoming a real concern for everyone involved in the teaching process. Dozens of racial incidents in schools are being reported on a weekly basis nationwide just as majority of Americans are trying to battle racism in every type and form.

Last week, we reported about a college professor who was caught on a video disturbing local business employees saying racial and offending comments while allegedly drunk. As soon as that video appeared online, the college issued a statement informing the students, the parents of the students and the local community they are aware of the video confirming an investigation about the incident was already underway.

But in today’s story, Black high school teacher accuses White student for placing a banana in his classroom doorway for several months, an incident that once again proves things with racism in schools are definitely out of control and something immediately should be done. The history teacher, part of MHS in Virginia, recently informed the public he filed a lawsuit against the student.

Joel Mungo, the Black teacher who has been teaching for more than two decades, confirmed that he recently filed a lawsuit against a 10th-grader after finding a banana placed several times in his classroom doorway. Mungo says that the first time he found a banana in that particular location was in October of last year.

“Someone left a banana at my door. The banana was perfectly placed in the doorway,” he told WAVY-10.

Mungo said he ignored the incident the first time, but it quickly became a monthly occurrence. According to his claims, the banana was placed at the very same position in the doorway to his classroom every single time. Few months after the initial incident, Mungo says he had finally had enough and went to the school administrators where he was given full access to the security footage. The security cameras clearly showed one of his students, a 10th-grader, placing a banana on the doorway.

Instead of seeking legal action, the professor confronted the student, but the student played dumb. That’s when Mungo got the school’s assistant principal involved. Mungo says he was the only Black teacher his student had. He had six other teachers, but none of his colleagues experienced something similar. Due to the incident, the student was suspended for two days.

“Initially, when the parents were contacted, the parents seemed to be truly embarrassed. Then when the student was suspended and the parents were informed, then the parents were irate. It’s 2022. Just to have some type of hate crime is absolutely ridiculous. I was sickened. I was highly upset. So upset, I took the next day off. I didn’t go to work that Friday,” he told the local station.

According to attorney Ali Shahrestani, Esq., who has practiced education law in several states along both U.S. coasts, including Washington, D.C., but not Virginia where the incidents occurred, said he has never heard of an instance where a teacher sued a student under these circumstances, Newsweek reported.

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