High schooler punched disabled teacher in wheelchair knocking her to the ground and recorded the incident to post it on social media, upgraded charges

Almost every single day there is new trend across the social media platforms and users, usually children and young folks, will do everything in their power to follow these trends, post their photos and videos online and gain as many likes and comments as possible.

Although some of these online trends in the past ended up with fatalities in little children, teenagers continue to follow the trends regardless of the fact how bizarre or dangerous they are.

In such trend last month, teenager attacked and beat elderly disabled teacher in wheelchair and recorded the video to post it on TikTok. The incident took place less than a month ago and the teenager was initially arrested on October 6.

According to the incident report, the 18-year-old L. Jackson attacked and punched her 64-year-old teacher, who reportedly uses a wheelchair, in the Louisiana school where she attended classes. Jackson had initially been charged with felony battery of a school teacher after her arrest on Oct. 6.

By the end of October, Jackson had her charges upgraded and she had been charged with felony counts that could be punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Charges were upgraded once the investigators obtained a video of the incident record by another student who was at the scene when the incident occurred.

From what can be seen on the video, a student approached her seated teacher and punched the teacher, knocking her to the ground, according to police. The student is seen violently punching the teacher, at which point the video ends.

The disabled teacher suffered numerous injuries in the attack and had been taken to a local hospital for treatment. The teacher’s condition was stable.

Officers alleged the attack could be tied to the “slap a teacher” challenge, part of a viral TikTok trend called “devious licks.” The “challenge” has prompted strong responses of condemnation from the California Teachers Association and the Connecticut attorney general.

Multiple news outlets contacted TikTok in regards to the challenge on their platform. Officials with TikTok released a statement and said that “this is not a trend on TikTok” and that if any such content appears on the site, it will be removed.

Jackson is to be arraigned on the charges Dec. 8 before 22nd Judicial District Court Judge A. Swartz.

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