Guess who: Joe Biden is the president with second worst rating at this time of the presidency, only one president had worse

President Joe Biden has been struggling with his approval rating for months now and this issue is slowly rising concerns as the Democrats are preparing for the mid-terms next year. Biden’s rating free fall started with the start of the Delta wave in the summer months and continued with the unfortunate series of events in August primarily with the Afghanistan troops withdrawal.

Clearly Biden had the chance to work and improve the overall approval rating, but the downfall continued with announced the federal vaccine mandate and vaccine mandate for companies with more than 100 workers in the upcoming months.

The latest polling from Gallup pegs the President’s approval at just 42%, the lowest of his term to date and the second lowest of any president Gallup has measured at this moment in their presidency over the last almost five decades.

According to the Gallup most recent approval rating results, Biden has 42% approval rating (272 days into his presidency), Donald Trump 37% (283 days), Barack Obama 52% (271 days), George W. Bush 88% (288 days), Bill Clinton 47% (271 days), George H.W. Bush 70% (289 days), Ronald Reagan 53% (286 days).

What is even more alarming for president Biden and his fellow Democrats is the fact that Biden doesn’t even has VP Harris’ support when it comes to improving his overall picture in the public since she has been even worse since Biden took over the White House office.

Up until June, Biden managed to keep more than a solid approval rating (56%) and that was primarily because majority of the Americans approved how Biden was handling the Covid-19 pandemic. The vaccination rate was solid, the country reopened and people taught the country is finally close to end the pandemic and everything that came with it since March 2020.

But then, a disastrous series of events led to the start of the approval rating free fall. With the Delta wave in place, the number of cases started rising, catastrophic Afghanistan troops withdrawal, rising prices and inflation, supply chain issues and the federal vaccine mandate were the major reasons that negatively impacted Biden’s approval rating.

The history shows that the approval rating of a president at this point of the presidency is not a gamechanger if a president decides to run again seeking another term. That said, despite his high approval rating at this point of his presidency, George H.W. Bush lost reelection. On the other side, Bill Clinton won even though he was under 50%.

But the approval rating at this point of the presidency is concerning factor for the candidates in the next year’s midterms. The history shows that if a president’s approval rating is under 50%, his party loses an average of 37 seats in the House on average!

According to CNN, in 2018 Trump’s approval rating in the final Gallup poll before the election was mired in the low 40s and Republicans lost 40 House seats (and the majority). In 2010, Obama’s approval rating had dipped to 45% and Democrats lost 63 seats (and the majority). In 1994, Clinton’s approval rating was 46% and Democrats lost 53 seats (and the majority).

Biden’s approval rating is not good for the Democrats and their expected results in 2022 midterms, and even worse, they are not even in position to take control and improve it.

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