At-home kits are on the way, every household is eligible for four tests, program sponsored by the federal government

With the rising number of Covid-19 cases in the last few weeks, people had to wait for hours in lines to get tested, while the popular at-home kits were nowhere to be found in the pharmacies.

Omicron spreads faster compared to any previous variant so far increasing the number of corona cases and therefore the demand for testing.

The White House administration purchased 1 billion tests and now they will be distributed across the country free of charge. According to the White House, everyone who is interested in getting at-home kits can now register at

Every household can order up to 4 tests.

The White House officials believe that the demand for the tests will be high and therefore, they expect the delivery time to take between 7-12 days.

“I ordered the free tests,” Dallas resident Neva Christian said. “I think it will be more convenient for people that don’t want to come to get tested.”

“Some people are not able to leave their house because of mobility issues they have and they also cannot rely on a friend or a family member to take them to a testing site so this is a good option for them,” Dallas Co. Health and Human Services spokesperson Christian Grisales said.

Those who can’t order tests online for some reason, can order over the phone. The hotline for this purpose will be launched soon.

If you need more than four tests, the White House had instructed private health insurers to cover the costs.

It’s important to check with your insurer to make sure you’re following the right process.

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