Claiming that ‘evil’ and ‘demons’ had hurt his little boy, man squeezed his two-year-old son to death, sentenced

It seems like those people claiming that there are unexplained forces, evil and demons are living in another, parallel universe and that is ok, but what is not ok is when they use those imaginary things as an alibi when they hurt other people.

This Texas man used his imagination as an alibi in self-defense on court after he was accused of killing his two-year-old child two years ago, back in July 2018. Following the two-week-long court trial, the suspect has been finally sentenced last Wednesday and many are happy that he got what he deserved.

According to the police report, the incident happened in July 2018 when the local police officers responded to the suspect’s home and they found the toddler in the front hall, not breathing. The report indicates that the toddler had “bruising on his left and right rib area, bruising on his back and bruising on his forehead.”

The main suspect in the death was the father, identified as S. Williams, along with the second suspect, the mother of the baby identified as R. Chagoya, who called the police and were found in the house when officers responded to their call.

The responding officers noticed that the parents acted weird taking into consideration that their child was pronounced dead just minutes earlier. Additional deputies arrived at the house and wanted to hear how the parents would explain the fatal incident, and they heard a lot.

At the time, Chagoya told officers that when Williams went into the child’s room, he wasn’t alive anymore. Her “only explanation was ‘something (not someone) attacked him or something,’” an affidavit said. Williams had told police that “something not worldly” had hurt the child, stating that it could be “demons, evil,” the affidavit said.

The court trial regarding the case started less than two weeks ago and ended last Wednesday. In the opening of the trial, the prosecutors explained what the jurors and the judge will be listening in the upcoming period. The presented information, including the testimony from first responders, alleged that Williams strangled the toddler.

Both the mother and the father were initially charged with capital murder, although the prosecutors believed that Williams was the one who killed his son. After the opening remarks, Williams’ attorney immediately reacted trying to convince everyone that Chagoya was the one who should be found responsible for the incident.

Last Wednesday, a Hays County jury found S. Williams guilty of capital murder in the death of his 2-year-old son in 2018. He will spend life in prison without the possibility of parole. The jury deliberated for roughly eight hours.

Chagoya’s trial is scheduled for the end of this year.

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