“Look how this coward put his knees on a 12 year old girl neck…” off-duty cop used the outlawed ‘kneeling’ technique against a female student

Everybody still remembers the George Floyd incident very well, an unfortunate event that changed the future of our country in terms of police brutality and police standards. Following that incident, the so-called chokeholds techniques were banned in almost every single state across the country and authorities are only allowed to use them in life threatening situations.

People were devastated recently after this technique was once again used by an off-duty police officer while responding to a school fight between two female students. A 17-second-long video of the incident appeared online where the officer is seen kneeling on the neck of a 12-year-old girl, the same technique used in the George Floyd incident that ended up to be fatal for him.

The 17-second-long video doesn’t show what happened prior to the off-duty cop response and what happened after the video was taken, but the online community responded immediately asking the local police department to take appropriate measures against the cop who was reportedly working while off duty in the school where the video was taken.

The incident happened in a Wisconsin high school and the video sparked debate because police forces across the country banned the use of such restraints. In addition to that, Wisconsin is among the states where lawmakers banned police from using chokeholds except in life-threatening situations or where an officer has to defend themselves back in June last year. Even before the bill passed, several local police departments introduced similar policies outlawing the technique.

Since the video appeared online earlier this month and it gathered a lot of attention bringing a disturbing reminder of the murder of George Floyd, the 37-year-old officer whose identity was not revealed by the local authorities has been placed on administrative leave pending investigation.

According to the attorney that is now representing the 12-year-old girl and her family, she suffered head and neck injuries in the incident and was undergoing medical treatment. Speaking to ABC News, the attorney said that since chokeholds have been banned in the state, the “incident should never have occurred.” “The family hopes to find out why this happened, so that it does not happen again to anyone else’s child,” he added.

  1. Perez, the father of the injured girl, previously confirmed that his daughter was arrested for disorderly conduct. Few days later, the local police department released a statement where they confirmed the officer involved has been with the department for four years and he intervened after a fight broke out between two students in the cafeteria during lunch. They also added that one staff member was injured in the incident.

“Look how this coward put his knees on a 12 year old girl neck best believe this ain’t going the way they think my daughter been complaining of her neck hurting bad and they have the nerves to lock her up and finger print her yea ok I’ll see y’all real soon didn’t y’all just kill a grown man like that but y’all wanna do it to my 12 year old daughter you clown KPD,” the father wrote in a post on Facebook.

The police officer was placed on administrative leave from the school, but it remains unknown if he is on paid leave or continuing with his normal duties for the police department.

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