“I’m not Trump supporter,” Democratic supporter arrested in the Capitol riots seeks lighter sentence because he is not Trump fan

FBI found little to no evidence that the Capitol riot on January 6 was organized by the Republicans and Donald Trump himself. The House select committee investigating the Capitol events is also going in the same direction, but those who were arrested during the events are still facing charges and getting sentenced.

Democrats are still pushing hard to find a way and charge the former president Donald Trump in regards to the riots, something that was orchestrated and carried out by radical Trump supporters. As of now, more than 650 people have been charged and some even sentenced involved in the Capitol events.

One man, Robert Maurice Reeder, a registered democrat, was one of the many arrested during the Capitol riot on January 6th. He was charged with violently attacking police officers.

A new report by The Gateway Pundit says Reeder is now pleading with the court to receive a lighter sentence due to the revelation that he was not actually a real Trump supporter, but in fact, a registered Democrat posing as an election integrity protestor whose goal that day was to make the real protestors look bad.

According to reports, Reeder claimed he was watching television coverage of a pro-Trump crowd which had gathered for a speeches on the Ellipse, when he made a spur-of-the-moment decision to hop a train into Washington, D.C., to join the event.

Reeder stated that he did not go directly to the Capitol, but first visited several monuments before joining in the “initially festive” events, as he put it, which were already unfolding for the worst.

He reportedly pleaded guilty to one of those counts, count four, and is due to be sentenced on Wednesday, September 8th.

According to the report, Reeder was set to receive his lighter sentence for posing as a MAGA protestor until a video showed him violently attacking police officers. On January 6, Reeder exhibited inflammatory and violent behavior to paint the surrounding Trump supporters as violent and unhinged.

Despite the fact the FBI has arrested more than 650 alleged participants in the Capitol siege so far, the FBI is dismissing any notion that the violence was in any way coordinated by far-right groups, or other supporters of former President Donald Trump, according to the sources.

Those sources, Reuters said, have been “either directly involved in or briefed regularly” on the investigations.

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