Rangers 7:1 to be Epstein’s next employer

Theo Epstein having left the employ of the Chicago Cubs has led to much speculation as to where his next landing spot will be. The man who broke the curses for the Boston Red Sox and for the Chicago Cubs is no doubt going to be a hot commodity, and while he has indicated he plans on taking the summer of 2021 off, it is anticipated that he will be open to returning to baseball after the 2021 season.

BetOnline has posted odds on who Theo Epstein’s next employer will be, and the Texas Rangers are the fifth most likely destination on the board, at 7:1. The New York Mets are the top choice on the board, at 5:4, followed by the Philadelphia Phillies at 3:2. The Seattle Mariners are at 5:1, as is Epstein becoming the next commissioner of MLB.

The other teams listed are the New York Yankees, at 12:1, the Los Angeles Dodgers, at 14:1, and the Los Angeles Angels, at 16:1. The chances of Epstein landing at any of those three places seems remote, however. The scuttlebutt has been that Epstein is likely to try to get involved with an ownership group that will be trying to buy a team, and I suspect that he’s not likely to come on board with a new team as an employee, without an equity interest.

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