NFL Quarterback Invites Off-Duty Officer to Dinner to Discuss Policing

Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott—who last week signed a “franchise tag” contract with the team worth $31.4 million—made good on a pledge he made several weeks ago to donate at least $1 million to help improve police training in the Dallas metropolitan area.

According to WFAA-TV, the Cowboys quarterback pledged $1 million to “improve police training and address systematic racism through education and advocacy.”

The young athlete was seen at a restaurant hosting a dinner with friends at which they were joined by an off-duty police officer who had been working security at the establishment.

Officer Jaime Castro later spoke with reporters about the interaction, saying that Prescott “had some really good questions about police work and what he can do to unite the Dallas police department and the community of Dallas.

Castro—who has been a Dallas police officer for 20 years and serves as a vice president for the Dallas Police Association—added that Prescott was interested in keeping police officers in schools.

Castro said, “One thing he thought was really important was having officers at schools. He remembered his officer who was at his school when he was growing up. His resource officer and him had a really good relationship and it meant a lot to him.”

Prescott is considered by many NFL analysts and experts to one of the best at his positon at this time and is highly also regarded for his involvement in community activities off the playing field.

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