Fort Worth City Council unanimously banned the consumption of alcoholic beverages in one district

Fort Worth, Texas – A well-known entertainment district in the state of Texas has just adopted a brand-new set of laws, and one of them pertains to the use of alcoholic beverages.

The city council of Fort Worth has voted to ban drinking alcohol in the city’s West 7th district. This is the first rule in the district that prohibits having open containers, and it was unanimously approved. The West 7th district includes Montgomery Plaza, Crockett Row, and the area between University Drive and Carroll Street.

Anyone who is found to be drinking alcohol in this location will be subject to a fine of up to $500 as well as a citation for a class C misdemeanor.

“We believe in large part a lot of underage folks that can’t get into the establishments. And so, they mill around the area with open containers that they brought from another location. The West 7th district is one of the top producers in alcohol sales statewide pretty consistently,” councilwoman Elizabeth Beck said before Tuesday (November 8) night’s vote. Beck added that she is working with the city and police department to make citizens aware of the impending change.

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