Oneworld Alliance plans to move its headquarters in Fort Worth

Fort Worth, Texas – The airline alliance known as Oneworld is in the process of relocating its worldwide headquarters from New York to Fort Worth.

It will establish operations on the 300-acre property owned by American Airlines, which is located close to DFW Airport.

The primary objectives of the major airlines that make up the Oneworld Alliance are to make air travel more convenient and affordable.

“It’s go time in Fort Worth, and we’re focusing on growing jobs and creating opportunities for everyone. Oneworld will be a wonderful addition to Fort Worth. The robust air service that American and other Oneworld carriers provide connects our region to the world, and that connectivity is part of what makes Fort Worth such an attractive place for businesses to invest and grow. I’m excited about what the future holds with American and Oneworld sharing a home in Fort Worth,” Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker said in a news release.

Alaska Airlines and British Airways are two more members of the alliance.

The move is planned to take place in December.

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