American Airlines’ employee-only hospitality complex on its Fort Worth property will open in 2023

Fort Worth, Texas – The new hotel and conference facility that American Airlines is building on its Fort Worth property will have plenty of amenities, but it will be available only for the company’s employees.

The $250 million employee-only hotel will open sometime in early 2023. It will be the newest part of the $1 billion expansion of the carriers’ headquarters campus in Fort Worth, which is just a few miles from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

The building, known as Skyview 6, would be able to house 600 workers and replace the airlines’ present flight attendant hotel, which was constructed in the 1960s. In a letter to staff, the company said that the building will be a place where all 130,000 employees of the carriers can meet, relax, and get to know each other.

“Each year, thousands of team members from across the operation come to campus to learn—spanning from new hires and recurrent training to team members in new roles. We’re hoping to simplify team members’ visiting experiences by building a modern hospitality complex at the heart of our campus. A place where visiting team members can lodge, eat, socialize and work out,” the airline stated.

Skyview 6 will include a 10,000 square foot ballroom for holding large events and will be connected to crew training and conference facilities on the campus. A 73,000-square-foot fitness center with basketball, tennis, and pickleball courts is among the many amenities available. The hotel will also provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

“All team members will be able to enjoy the core facilities, including meeting spaces, expanded dining options and sports courts. It’s a space for learning and development, for us to care for each other and for us to grow stronger as a team,” the company stated.

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