North Texas nonprofit offers free mental health first aid training for both youth and adult

North Texas – Since the pandemic began, increasing number of people started struggling with mental health issues, something that can happen in minors, young people and adults. Dozens of experts warned that lockdowns will have a huge impact on the overall mental health, something that is yet to be seen.

Nonprofit Communities in Schools of the Dallas Region is calling for mental health awareness following the death of a DeSoto ISD graduate that is renewing calls for mental health awareness and resources.

The nonprofit reminds the local community that they offer free training to help identify when someone might be struggling with mental health issues, a program that is suitable for both youth and adults.

What is even more alarming is the growing number of incidents in students across the country, something that experts initially blame the Covid-19 pandemic and the social unrest. That’s why schools are encouraged to provide as much mental health support in schools as possible and help young students overcoming mental health problems.

Next year, CIS of the Dallas Region will expand its reach to support 10,000 students across the Dallas area.

“May is mental health awareness month and we are beating the drum to bring awareness and reduce the stigma that’s related to mental health and mental health illness. And so, you know, helping our young people to normalize that this is something that everyone deals with. And here are the things that are available to you when you’re going through a difficult moment,” Summer Rose, Chief Clinical Officer at CIS Dallas Region said.

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