Companies to immediately improve their cyber security and prepare for possible cyber-attacks, Dallas industry expert says

Dallas, TX – People around the world are feeling the consequences as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. From record high gas prices, to possible gas and oil shortages, no one could have expected that things will get out of hands in such short period of time.

Since the start of the invasion, America, the majority of the EU countries and other countries around the world, implemented a lot of sanctions against Russia that are expected to have direct impact on Russian’s economy and finances.

But according to Murat Kantarcioglu, an UT Dallas Computer Science professor, the next phase of the war might be cyber attacks directed to US companies.

Professor Kantarcioglu says that especially careful should be the large financial, infrastructure and technology companies as they might be attackers’ first targets if such scenario takes place. He says cyber attacks are a cheap way for attackers to remotely access information and disrupt systems to cause panic. He does not believe everyday consumers will be targeted but shared what we can do to protect ourselves.

“We always suggest for people to back up their data. If possible, use two-factor authentication. And especially on financial organizations, I always suggest people to regularly check their bank accounts,” said Murat Kantarcioglu, Ph.D.

While he advises big companies to improve their security in order to avoid being hit by attackers, Kantarcioglu also advises regular people to always keep a decent amount of cash just in case they are not able to access their accounts if such attack takes place.

Professor Kantarcioglu decided to speak to raise awareness in both companies and people as he points out there is low probability of long-term disruptions in case of such attack.

He says most large companies and the federal government are working with experts to train workers and update technology to fend off cyberattacks. He suggested that smaller local governments work on assessing and addressing cyber security posture and reach out to the Secret Service in North Texas.

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