Authorities are asking for public’s help in identifying a vehicle believed to be involved in Fort Worth teenager’s fatal shooting last month

Fort Worth, Texas – The local authorities released a photo of a vehicle involved in the fatal shooting to death of a Fort Worth teenager, incident that happened last month.

According to the incident report, the 15-year-old Higinio Flores Jr. of Fort Worth was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting on January 15 around 7:15 a.m. while he was sleeping.

The police now released a photo of a vehicle that was seen driving in the area at the time of the shooting which they believe it might be involved in the incident.

It has been almost a month since the shooting and no arrests have been made so far. The victim’s family are hopeful someone might come up with an information that will lead officers to the shooter.

According to the family, the teenager was sleeping in the front bedroom with his brother the fatal day.

Local authorities say they are still investigating the case, but don’t have valuable information at this point. They released the photo hoping that someone might come up with something that will lead them to the shooter(s) responsible.

“I always looked out for him like a brother…I feel like I should been there for him,” the victim’s cousin, Alex Flores, said. “But I really just want justice.”

“It’s just a tragedy that should’ve never happened,” Alex said. “He never deserved any of this. We all truly miss him.”

For the Fort Worth Police Department, the motive behind the shooting in still unknown and they are unable to confirm who was the target in the shooting.

But in their most recent update, police are asking for information about the suspect or suspects in the dark-colored Chrysler 300, as well as assistance in identifying the intended targets of the shooting.

They released the image from a nearby surveillance camera of a dark-colored vehicle speeding away from Ravine Road after firing multiple shots at the front of the Flores’ home.

Anyone who might have information about the driver or the vehicle shown from the surveillance video is asked to call 911 or the Fort Worth Police Department.

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