Mother stabbed her 3-month-old son to death, put the body in a plastic garbage bag and left it in a dumpster because she had headaches and anxiety

Following a 991 call from a neighbor requesting a welfare check, local police officers were dispatched at the home of this monster mother just to discover that she stabbed her 3-month-old baby boy to death, put the dead body into plastic garbage bag and left it in a dumpster in front of the building where she lives.

The whole neighborhood and the local police department were in total disbelief of what had happened and they arrested the mother of the victim who is the only suspect in the deadly incident.

According to police, the mother of the baby was identified as the 26-year-old F. Adbillahi and she was taken into custody last Sunday after police discovered her 3-month-old son’s dead body with multiple stab wounds in plastic garbage bag dumped in the dumpster in front of her home in Minnesota.

The local authorities received the initial 911 call from Adbillahi’s neighbor, who was concerned about the baby boy well-being and requested them to make welfare check, telling the dispatcher that a “baby had gone missing” and the child’s mother had allegedly told him that “she had thrown the baby in the dumpster.”

That was more than enough for the officers to head to the given address and just upon arrival, they spoke with several neighbors who knew Adbillahi and already had gathered in front of her home after Adbillahi’s mother asked them to check on her daughter and nephew. Adbillahi’s mother reportedly said the concern stemmed from comments Adbillahi herself had made regarding the infant.

The officers that arrived at the scene immediately searched the area and were able to discover the dead body in a plastic bag with several knives and some blankets dumped in the dumpster in front of the apartment complex. Since she was the only one living in the apartment, she immediately became the main and only suspect and she was taken into custody.

As per multiple reports, in a subsequent interview with detectives, Adbillahi reportedly said that since the child’s birth on Aug. 5 she had been suffering from headaches and feelings of anxiety, specifically claiming that the baby’s father had been “denying that the child was his,” per the complaint.

At one point of the interview with the detectives, the monster mother admitted to killing her months-old son claiming that the baby was crying when she stabbed him. She went even further when she “demonstrated that she cut [the child] across the throat,” the complaint stated.

According to Star Tribune report, the infant’s death was ruled as a homicide by the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office who identified numerous sharp force injuries to the baby’s throat.

Adbillahi was formally charged with one count of second-degree murder with intent but without premeditation on Tuesday. The judge set Adbillahi’s bond at $2 million without any conditions for her release or $1 million with conditions. Her next court appearance is set to take place on December 13.

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