Teenager shot and killed woman with rifle while she was reading Bible story and praying with her baby girl, leaving two children behind

As the number of violent crimes is on the rise in the country, so is the number of young people involved in such cases. What sounds the alarm the most is the fact that many teenagers are lately involved in violent crime cases resulting with rising concerns over general safety.

One such incident ended up to be fatal for the 23-year-old Melanie, mother of two, while she was staying in her home like any other night reading a Bible story and praying with her baby daughter as she was preparing the girl for sleep.

The fatal incident happened on October 17 in Melanie’s Illinois home around 9 p.m. when a suspect, who is still on the run, began recklessly shooting outside their home with a rifle. Melanie was struck by a stray bullet, suffered serious injuries and died the next in hospital. Right after the shooting incident, the suspect fled the scene.

The closest family relatives and Melanie’s neighbors were in shock of what had happened that night. “The girls aren’t going to know their mom anymore they’re just going to have a memory,” Melanie’s mother said.

“She was with her baby reading a Bible story to her seven-month-old and praying with her,” her father then said. “You can see we’re struggling with them being traumatized.”

Local authorities started the investigation and were able to obtain video material from several surveillance cameras in the area. The investigation showed that the shooter was Melanie’s teenage neighbor, who was living just on the other side of the street.

The suspect has been identified as the 16-year-old Z. Myles and authorities issued a first-degree murder warrant this week. Myles is accused of shooting and killing the mother while she was at her home like any other ordinary night.

Authorities believe that the teenager exited his home the fatal night and began recklessly shooting a rifle at another person. That’s the moment when one of the bullets ended up in Melanie’s room and fatally hit her. Luckily, the 7-month-girl girl was uninjured.

Police are still not able to locate Myles and arrest him. According to them, he is actively working on avoiding the authorities. He is described to be approximately 5’5,” 135 pounds, with brown eyes and black hair.

Authorities added that Myles is probably armed and dangerous. Everyone is advised not to approach, talk and get in touch with him if located and only call 911.

Despite being a minor, authorities are charging Myles as an adult. The victim leaves her husband and two little girls behind.

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