“He didn’t want to have any witnesses,” young man kills girlfriend and her parents after girl’s father caught them in bed, sentenced

Young man might spend the rest of his life behind bars after he was found guilty and sentenced to 150 years in prison for shooting and killing his teenage girlfriend and her parents in their home. The 19-year-old shooter pleaded guilty few days ago for the incident that took place earlier this year.

According to the incident report, the shooting took place in February this year when the 19-year-old shooter identified as M. Johnson, shot to death his girlfriend, her stepfather and her mother shortly after the stepfather caught Johnson and the girl in bed.

The day before the fatal morning, the 16-year-old Shelly who was Johnson’s girlfriend, had some of her cousins and friends over at their home in California and the group reportedly engaged in underage drinking.

The group spent the whole night together until the early morning hours when Shelly’s mother, the 40-year-old M. Moon, caught them drinking and became instantly upset of what she was seeing. Most of the people left Shelly’s home soon after, but Johnson reportedly remained “with the permission of several of the minors in the home.”

The fatal shooting took place almost an hour later around 4 a.m. when the girl’s stepfather, the 40-year-old N. Metcalf, caught his stepdaughter and Johnson getting intimate in her room. Metcalf became instantly furious and started yelling at both Shelly and Johnson.

“The male subject [Johnson] was on top of [Shelly]. Metcalf hit the male,” the warrant reportedly states. “[Johnson] exited the room and walked into the living room pulling up his pants.”

As soon as Johnson reached his backpack out of Shelly’s room, he grabbed his handgun and shot Metcalf in the head, leaving him dead at the scene.

According to a witness who spoke with Johnson after the shooting incident, the shooter was afraid of Metcalf as he was starting ‘getting tough’ and Johnson was fearing for his life at the moment. That’s the only reason why he took his gun and shot him dead.

The shot woke up Moon who immediately rushed to Shelly’s bedroom to check what was going on there. As soon as she arrived there, Johnson shot her too. Then he shot and killed his girlfriend Shelly because “he did not want to have any witnesses,” the warrant stated.

Shelly’s younger sister whose identity was not released because of her age, reported the incident to the authorities few hours after the shooting. The young girl and her stepdad were pronounced dead at the scene, while the mother was transferred to hospital with serious injuries and later pronounced braindead.

The shooter then rushed into his vehicle, fled the scene and left the state in a matter of hours. He was located two days later after the incident in Utah when the local highway troopers had to spike the tires of his SUV after he refused to pull over. He was later extradited to California to face the murder charges.

County Superior Court Judge last week sentenced Johnson to serve 150 years to life behind bars with an opportunity for parole after 25 years. The terms of the plea deal were first proposed by Johnson’s attorney and included dismissing the special allegations initially charged.

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