“Girls are jealous of my wife,” Man criticized for marrying 43 years younger Goddaughter as soon as she turned 18 after four-year-long relationship

“Love knows no limits” and similar love quotes will in no way justify the relationship between the man, allegedly in his 60s, and his now 18-year-old wife, or at least that’s what the majority of the users on the social media think.

The story was initially brought to the light of the day last week on Twitter and that was more than enough for multiple news outlets to further investigate the story resulting with what appears to be a little love drama.

According to the Black Enterprise, the 61-year-old M. Haugabook became viral hot topic in the last couple of days for all the wrong reasons after it was discovered that he married his more-than-four-decades younger Goddaughter named Deja, as soon as she turned 18 and was legally allowed to become his wife.

It was later discovered that the two shared family history prior to their controversial relationship which allegedly followed after the relationship between Haugabook and Deja’s mother.

What comes as a more alarming fact is the thing that Haugabook and Deja have been together since 2017 when the teenager was only 14. Although this was not confirmed by Haugabook himself because of legal reasons, a photo from 2017 indicate that he was asking for community’s help in locating then 14-year-old Goddaughter.

In the initial tweet that revealed the story, the user claimed that Haugabook is in his late 40s, but it turned out that he is 61 years old. As Adom Online reported, a document from when Haugabook was arrested in 2014 shows he was 54 at the time, meaning he’s 61 now.

Old photos show Haugabook holding Deja when she was just a toddler, further hinting at the family dynamic they once shared. In receipts posted online, Haugabook’s old Facebook post shows him referring to Deja’s mother as his goddaughter with her thanking him and saying “love you babes.”

Old social media posts revealed that Deja posted that she is dating someone, but didn’t reveal her boyfriend’s identity at the time. She was 17 when she posted those photos, but right after she turned 18, she immediately revealed who her boyfriend is.

The story literally erupted and the online community slammed Haugabook on Facebook where he had shared multiple photos of his wedding day. He even posted a response to the rage against him saying that “little girls are jealous of my wife.”

In a reference to the story, rapper Kodak Black has even chimed in on the story saying his father did the same thing to his mom by leaving them to go pursue a relationship with his goddaughter. This story goes without saying to be careful who you choose to bring around your kids.

The couple, especially Haugabook, is still under complete online fire on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

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