The Covid-19 situation in Tarrant County is stabilizing, the numbers continue to decline, local doctors still concerned

Tarrant County, Texas – Promising news are coming from Tarrant County as the numbers continue to decline and the Covid-19 situation is slowly, but surely stabilizing.

Local health experts and doctors are still concerned about the upcoming weeks since the number of hospitalizations remains high, but the daily numbers are going down meaning that future hospitalizations should also follow the same trend.

As of Monday, the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council reports there are 1,781 hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Trauma Service Region E. Tarrant County accounts for the highest among them, with 579 of those patients.

What comes as a positive news is the fact that the ICU beds occupancy is around 40% which is much lower compared to the previous weeks when this number was seriously higher.

“That’s quite a decline. We were at 1,250 recently, a couple weeks ago, so things are improving in the hospitals,” said Vinny Taneja, Tarrant County Public Health Director.

Just like with the previous Covid-19 waves, the number of new cases will remain high until the situation gets completely stabilized. That said, the virus still spreads among the Tarrant County residents, but the numbers are halved compare to last week.

According to the latest data, there were 413 new confirmed cases on Monday, which is less than half compared to last week’s Monday.

“You’ve got to layer all your protections. That’s why Halloween is so important. People who are out trick or treating need to wear a mask. Don’t go in large groups, individual family units are better,” he said. “And people who are handing out candy, wear a mask, make sure you’re washing your hands.”

Taneja repeated what other health experts are saying in the last couple of weeks. People should continue to implement the pandemic measures like wearing masks and social distance, and most importantly, to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

“The only thing where we’re still not comfortable is the positivity rate. 18% or so, that’s about one in five,” he said. “We still have a lot of disease activity in the community and that’s the word of caution we need to always remember.”

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