Suspect in fatal hit-and-run case agrees to seven-year prison term

Dallas, Texas – In a heartbreaking case of hit-and-run, the family of Billy Watley has finally received news of a plea deal being accepted by the suspect, Kenneth Connors III.

The deal comes after months of waiting and hoping for justice to be served for their loved one who was struck and killed by Connors’ vehicle last September. Billy’s daughters, Alyssa and her sibling, have been preparing their victim impact statements over the weekend following the announcement from the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office.

This deal will mean that Connors will be sentenced to seven years in prison, a resolution that the Watley family has been eagerly waiting for. Billy’s daughter, Alyssa, expressed relief that the ordeal will finally be over and that she will be able to grieve in peace. However, as the family prepares for Monday’s hearing, they are still grappling with the pain and loss of their father.

The incident, which occurred on Kleberg Road in Southeast Dallas, was captured by a surveillance camera. The footage shows Billy riding his bicycle when a white SUV hit him from behind, throwing him into the grass where he died. The SUV’s brake lights were seen, but the driver, Connors, did not offer any help and instead drove away. A few days later, he and his vehicle were located by the police.

Billy’s daughters have been struggling with forgiveness and are still processing their grief. They are hoping that justice will be served and that the defendant will stick to the plea deal he has accepted. Despite their pain, Alyssa also acknowledged the lessons of forgiveness she has learned from her parents. However, as she faces Connors in court, she is still wishing for more time with her father.


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