Residents raise voices against Fort Worth strip mall demolition

Fort Worth, Texas – Fort Worth residents are raising their voices against the demolition of a strip mall. On November 8th, the City Council of Fort Worth will make a decision over whether or not to authorize the demolition of a strip mall located along 7th Street.

In order to create an apartment complex, Kimco Realty was granted unanimous approval from the Fort Worth Zoning Commission to demolish several stores in the Montgomery Wards Plaza. These retailers include Office Depot, Pet Smart, and Five Below.

The real estate company has been successful in gaining support for the project from more than a dozen residents. However, a significant number of people who live in the area are opposed to the proposal to demolish the strip mall in order to make space for condominiums.

One person is concerned that it will have a bad effect on the area’s economy as well as cause the loss of anywhere from a hundred to two hundred jobs in the area. Another couple was upset to learn that their neighborhood pet store would be closing because it would require them to travel farther to get pet supplies. Another man was worried about the impending closure of a shopping area that was important to residents and businesses in the area.

Residents have started a petition in the hopes of convincing the city to give up the plan. On November 8th, the Fort Worth City Council will vote on whether or not to approve the project.

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