Two people arrested in connection with a drug investigation; 28,000 fentanyl pills, 29 pounds of marijuana, and 10 firearms seized by authorities

Fort Worth, Texas – Fort Worth police were able to seize more than 28,000 fentanyl pills, 10 firearms, and 29 pounds of marijuana.

Two people identified as Melvin Kellough Jr. and Atomic Greene were taken into custody on Thursday in connection with an ongoing drug investigation.

Investigators worked with a confidential source who, over the course of three months, had been buying a lot of fentanyl pills from a supplier in Fort Worth.

The court filings indicate that the informant gave detectives a cellphone number for the source, which was used to identify Kellough.

Investigators arranged a meeting with Kellough to purchase drugs from him through the help of an informant.

“During this telephone call, Kellough informed the CD [informant] that he had approximately 25,000 fentanlyl pills that he could deliver to the CD,” the criminal complaint reads. “Kellough further informed the CD that he was going to have his girlfriend bring the fentanyl pills to him as it appeared Kellough was not in possession of the pills at the time.”

Investigators watched as Kellough’s girlfriend appeared to give him the pills as they were following him and his girlfriend around as part of their investigation. After that, he got in his car and headed to the agreed-upon meeting location.

When Kellough arrived at the site of the meeting, SWAT officers immediately placed him under custody. Greene, who was a passenger in Kellough’s vehicle, was also arrested.

During the course of the arrest, authorities found 25,000 fentanyl pills, two handguns, and an AR-15 style rifle. A search at Kellough’s apartment led to the discovery of an additional 3,000 fentanyl pills, 29 pounds of marijuana, and over $100,000.

Both Greene and Kellough are now facing federal charges for the possession of fentanyl with the intent to distribute.

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