Gov. Abbott plans to add additional truck checkpoints, deploy Texas DPS strike teams and expand barricades and obstacles to the southern border

Texas – The southern border still seems to be the biggest issue for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and he informed the public about future steps that should strengthen the security at the southern border and prevent future deadly incidents like the most recent one when more than 50 people died earlier this week being smuggled through San Antonio.

According to Abbott, since Texas National Guard troops were deployed more than a year ago, at least 22,000 people were caught trying to cross the border and turned back. That’s why Abbott plans to order the Texas National Guard to add more concertina wire and other barriers as obstacles as one of the measures to improve the security at the border. Per Abbott, these further actions would apply on both state and private property.

In addition, Abbott said the number of truck checkpoints has increased in the last few months, but he plans to further expand these checkpoints and increase their number. Increasing number of checkpoints should reduce the number of smugglers moving people and illegal drugs across the border.

The last, but not the least important measure is deploying Texas DPS strike teams. Per the Governor, there will be 20 state troopers in each team and they will be tasked with stopping illegal crossings.

Texas DPS Director Col. Steve McCraw said Wednesday that the DPS will start with two strike teams and add three more next week. Additional strike teams could be deployed as needed.

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