About 110,000 pounds of Nestle NAA SupremePro Stage1 infant formula set to arrive in Fort Worth later this week

Fort Worth, Texas – Baby formula shortage is an issue that bothers parents of babies nationwide in the last couple weeks.

Due to the extreme baby formula shortage, the Biden administration last month announced the Operation Fly Formula mission that should help parents in getting the much-needed formula supplies.

According to that mission, a plane loaded with 110,000 pounds of Nestle NAA SupremePro Stage1 infant formula, enough for 1.6 million 8-ounce bottles, is planned to arrive in Fort Worth by the end of this week. If everything goes as planned, the plane is scheduled to arrive on Thursday in North Texas and Nestle and Gerber will distribute the product around the country.

Per the president’s mission and plan, a plane loaded with formula arrived in Indiana last week and more planes with formula are expected to arrive in the upcoming period.

The baby formula shortage occurred since the start of the pandemic, but it worsened since in February when the largest baby formula factory in the country was closed due to contamination. However, the factory reopened last weekend, but experts claim it will take weeks, if not months, before parents see baby formula supplies on the shelves again.

Abbott, the largest baby formula manufacturer, said it will prioritize production of specialty formulas for babies with severe food allergies and digestive problems.

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