Man arrested in connection with a Fort Worth homicide

Fort Worth, Texas – Authorities said they had apprehended a man early Monday in connection with a murder while sleeping in a White Settlement park.

As a police officer was patrolling a city park in the early hours of April 11th, he came upon an inhabited car that had been parked nearby.

Following a thorough inspection, the officer discovered two men sleeping inside the vehicle, as well as several guns and narcotics in plain view. According to the police, he then called for backup and made a felony traffic stop on the car.

Drugs, as well as two firearms, one of which had been reported stolen, were seized.

Both men were wanted on arrest warrants for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and deadly conduct discharge of a firearm. According to authorities, one of the men was also sought in connection with a homicide that happened on January 16, 2022, in Fort Worth.

Their identities have not been revealed.

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