Mother brought her toddler with gunshot wounds in North Dallas hospital Monday morning, the boy later died, report

Dallas, TX – 3-year-old Dallas boy died in hospital due to gunshot wounds in the head after he was taken there for treatment by his mother in the morning hours on Monday, multiple sources reported.

The police didn’t provide many details about the incident that led to the toddler’s death, but they said they were informed by the boy’s mother the incident happened in North Dallas on Monday.

According to the boy’s mother, she was involved in a road rage incident with a dark-colored four-door sedan being driven by a Black male in a red shirt.

At the time when police informed the public about this tragic case, there was no apparent crime scene or evidence related to a road rage incident that will back the mother’s story up.

Officers with the Dallas PD were dispatched to the hospital following a call from the hospital informing the department there was 3-year-old child admitted with gunshot wounds to the head. The little boy was later pronounced dead.

The initial investigation hasn’t shown any other people or suspects to be involved in the incident as the police are currently only interviewing the boy’s mother. Her vehicle remains part of the investigation and it was towed from the hospital by the police for further investigation.

Police are not saying where they believe the shooting took place, but there was a reported shooting prior to the mother’s arrival to the hospital at the nearby Timberleaf Park.

The shooting incident in the area was confirmed by at least two other people who were in the area when the shooting took place.

No more information is currently available. Once Dallas PD releases more details regarding the case, we will update the story.

Stay with us for updates.

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