Vaccine hesitant woman who ‘celebrated’ for not having to get the Covid-19 vaccine after receiving a religious exemption contracts the virus and dies

United States officially passed the 900,000 Covid-19 related deaths mark earlier this week and unfortunately, there still are people opposing the Covid-19 vaccines despite the fact they are proven to keep people out of hospital and by far reducing the chances of corona-related deaths in most of the cases.

The vaccine hesitant will use all the options they have to avoid being mandated to get the vaccine. While some are granted religious exemptions, others simply decide not to get vaccinated against the virus because of lack of trust in the vaccines, possible vaccine side-effects, lack of trust in institutions and last but not least, way too many misinformation spread mostly by other anti-vaxxers.

Kelly Canon, a longtime Texas Republican, has been among the latest Covid-19 victims after she decided not to get vaccinated against the virus. According to multiple reports, Canon contracted the virus late December and was shortly after admitted to hospital after developing serious symptoms and pneumonia.

Canon has been vocal critic of vaccine requirements. On her Twitter page, she had shared wild conspiracy theories including a video that claimed the coronavirus pandemic was “planned” in advance. “We’ve been blatantly lied to for 2 decades,” Canon wrote in another tweet.

Her last public speech took place in December at an event organized by God Save Our Children, “a conservative group that is fighting against the use of experimental vaccines on our children.” Canon once again used that occasion to speak against the virus, the vaccines and the vaccine mandates encouraging the attendees not to get vaccinated.

A month earlier, in November, Canon announced on her Facebook profile and ‘celebrated’ her religious exemption. “Good news!!!!! My employer has ‘granted’ my religious exemption request,” she wrote, according to the . “No jabby-jabby for me! Praise GOD!”, she added.

Few weeks after her last symposium, Canon was hospitalized with pneumonia, days after the tested positive on the virus. Covid-19 related pneumonia is one of the most serious complications of the virus. Canon was hospitalized for some time and her condition initially started to improve. However, she lost the battle with the deadly virus and died mid-January.

The local Republican Club confirmed the news on their Facebook group:

“Our dear friend Kelly Canon lost her battle with pneumonia today. Kelly will be forever in our hearts as a loyal and beloved friend and Patriot,” the post read. “Gone way too soon. We will keep her family in our prayers.”

State Rep. Tony Tinderholt, a Texas Republican, said Canon was an original member of his team, which would meet in the upstairs of his home in 2014.

“She was smart, kind, loyal, dedicated and a hard worker,” he wrote on Facebook. “I truly feel if it was not for her help, I would not be in the position I am in now … for that I am forever grateful.”

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