“Covid sucks”, Young vaccine hesitant woman who ‘wasn’t afraid of the virus’ contracts Covid-19 and dies in hospital leaving three children behind

Since the start of the pandemic nearly two years ago, Covid-19 completely changed our lives and it looks like we are still way too far from the end of the pandemic. Millions of Americans have contracted the virus and more than 850,000 have died so far as a result of Covid-19 complications in United States and with Omicron in place, the numbers will continue to go up in the upcoming weeks.

However, some people still believe that the virus is not that dangerous and was developed by the big pharma so they can sell vaccines. And so was the case with a young woman, a mother of three little children, who refused to get vaccinated posting her opposition to the jab online in multiple occasions.

According to The Sun, the 29-year-old B. Jackson of Michigan, used her social media accounts to spread misinformation about the virus publicly speaking against mask mandates, vaccines and often sharing memes about the virus. In one occasion, she said she ‘understands the risk’ of the disease but ‘doesn’t prioritize fear over life.’

She was completely opposing Covid-19 up until November when she contracted the virus and developed symptoms. Obviously afraid because of the symptoms she was developing, she wrote on Facebook that “Covid sucks”, later asking recommendations from her followers for ‘lung exercises’ she could do.

Among her anti-Covid posts during the last two years, Jackson also said that “just because we don’t wear a mask doesn’t mean we lack common courtesy or don’t respect you. We simply believe your fear is your issue.”

Days after her initial symptoms, Jackson’s condition worsened and she was transferred to hospital. She was inactive online for a few weeks until her sister provided an update on her condition via Facebook. “She has been in the hospital the last month she’s been fighting covid,” her sister wrote on December 21st. “As of a couple of days ago she took a turn for the worst and she is on the ventilator 100%.”

According to several news outlets who brought the story to the light of the day few days later, Jackson passed away later the same day when her sister informed the public about her condition. “Bridget’s greatest love was her family who she enjoyed camping and travelling with, but her world revolved around her children,”  the mother’s obituary reads.

Jackson left her husband and three children behind.

While the Covid-19 vaccines offer decreased protection against the Omicron variant, they are extremely helpful in protecting Covid-positive in developing serious condition, hospitalization and death. According to data provided by CDC, the majority of the hospitalized patients and deaths are people who for some reason decided to remain unvaccinated.

Since the beginning of this month, United States set a new record high number of cases in a single day surpassing one million cases. Some states that were hit with Omicron earlier than others are already at the peak of this winter wave and are expected to see a decreasing trend in new cases in the upcoming weeks.

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