A passerby discovered the body of 14-year-old Dallas girl Wednesday morning who had been shot to death, police

Dallas, Texas – Dallas Police Department announced that a 14-year-old Dallas teenager was found dead early Wednesday morning.

According to the police, the dead body was discovered by a passerby in West Oak Cliff on the side of a road. The teenage girl had apparent gunshot wound.

The mother of the victim seeks answers. She said that her daughter had run away from home multiple times before, but knowing that someone shot and killed her is something completely different.

Dallas police officials said officers were dispatched at the scene at Merrifield Road in West Oak Cliff in the early morning hours on Wednesday around 3:30 a.m. following a 911 call from a driver who spotted the body on the side of road.

When officers initially announced the case, the identity of the victim was not immediately released. However, on Thursday, police identified the victim as the 14-year-old Neveah Foster.

The teenager lived with her mother, Jessica Foster, at an apartment complex less than a mile away. Mom is heartbroken and angry.

“Right now, I’m sad,” Jessica said. “But more than anything, I am pissed off because somebody felt like they were God. Like they had the right to do that to her.”

Local authorities didn’t provide many details about the case yet. However, investigators appointed to the case confirmed that the girl has been shot multiple times to death.

As of now, the police don’t have suspects and they are working to discover what had happened prior to the shooting.

The mother said this is not the first time her daughter to run from home. According to her, the teenager ran from home on Tuesday and she didn’t take her medications. The girl was suffering from mental health issues.

Usually, once the girl was leaving her home, she would come back the next day. However, her mother says this time was different.

“I am torn up inside because that was my baby,” she said. “But to know that someone took her from me is what makes it so much harder to swallow. It’s already a hard enough pill to swallow to know my child is not coming back.”

The girl often missed school because of her mental health issues.

Jessica says she told Dallas police there was an incident earlier this week where a man at her apartment complex allegedly threatened her daughter’s life. Police would not confirm her report.

Understandably, the mother is seeking answers who and why killed her daughter.

“She didn’t deserve that. She was a 14-year-old child,” she said. “What could she have done to anger someone that much that they felt they had to shoot her? And multiple times? I don’t get it. I don’t understand.”

There is ongoing investigation about the case. Once more details are available, we will update the story.

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