A 41-year-old Fort Worth man was indicted on capital murder charges for killing three victims at a local motel

Fort Worth, TX – Fort Worth man will most certainly spend the rest of his life in prison for killing three victims in September in a Fort Worth motel.

The suspect, who has been identified as the 41-year-old Jason Thornburg, was earlier accused of killing and dismembering three people at a motel in the Fort Worth suburb of Euless in September.

Thornburg was indicted on capital murder charges in Tarrant County following his earlier confession of killing the victims.

According to the incident report, one of the victims was the 42-year-old David Lueras who was staying with Thornburg at the motel for a few days before the incident. The other victims were two of Leuras’ female acquaintances.

He used a knife to cut off their limbs, then set all three bodies on fire in a dumpster in Fort Worth, police said.

After his arrest, Euless police said Thornburg also confessed to killing his roommate and setting their house on fire in May. He also said he killed his girlfriend in Arizona four years ago.

The motive behind the incident remains unknown at this point.

Once more details are available, we will update the case.

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