Omicron variant is officially in North Texas, two Dallas-Fort Worth cases confirmed with the new variant

Fort Worth, TX – Two Omicron variant cases were reported in the North Texas area in laboratory in Frisco, multiple reports show.

According to the laboratory, the Omicron variant was found in two Dallas-Fort Worth residents.

No additional details were available immediately. At this point, it remains unknown how and where the patients contracted the virus.

The state department of health didn’t confirm the cases yet, but it’s expected to happen on Thursday.

The first Omicron variant case in Texas was reported last week in the Houston area.

Since then, there are at least eight confirmed Omicron variant cases in Horry County.

Although there is not plenty of information available about the Omicron variant, it’s believed that the new variant is highly contagious that can easily infect vaccinated and people with natural immunity.

Once the first cases were confirmed in Africa, many countries decided to close their borders adding additional precaution pandemic measures with immediate effect.

Centers for Disease Control director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said most cases have been in fully vaccinated people who have had just mild symptoms. She added that vaccines are the best protection and she urged fully vaccinated people to get a booster shot.

Once more details are available, we will update the case. Stay with us!

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