Man shot and killed his wife after dispute over text message on his phone and told police she killed herself, his daughter later revealed the truth

Man fatally shot his wife in their home in a shooting incident that stemmed from argument they allegedly had over a text message, the police confirmed. The suspect then told the officer his wife shot herself by mistake until his minor daughter, who was at home at the time of incident, exposed the shooter and revealed what actually happened.

The fatal incident took place in the couple’s Texas based home on Monday and the main suspect was arrested by the authorities following the initial investigation. The shooter has been identified as the 28-year-old D. Banks and he is accused of shooting to death his wife, the 24-year-old K. Hernandez, in their home earlier this week.

The couple’s toddler daughter and 20-month-old son were both inside the home at the time, the local Sheriff’s Office said.

When he was questioned by the authorities, Banks initially told them that he and his wife were “play fighting” when the gun went off, but he later changed his story saying that Hernandez shot herself by mistake while they were arguing over a text message on Banks’s cell phone.

As a part of the investigation, authorities questioned the couple’s neighbors and they confirmed they heard Banks literally screaming that his wife had just shot herself moments after they heard gunshots coming from their home.

That was pretty much the same story Banks told the authorities, which was completely untrue.

The local authorities also questioned Banks’ toddler daughter, who was home at the time of the incident playing with her brother. When she heard her parents arguing, she went to them and witnessed the shooting incident herself. According to the incident report, she told the officers “Daddy shot mommy.”

“Officers spoke with a juvenile eyewitness who told officers that, ‘Dad shot mom.’ She gestured with her hand as a pistol,” prosecutors said in court on Wednesday, according to KTRK.

“Officers spoke to another witness who stated that that same child told her, ‘Daddy shot mommy.’”

At this point of the investigation, authorities couldn’t determine what really happened and if Banks’ text message was really the motive that led to argument and later to the fatal shooting.

“She would always laugh, always happy,” said Hernandez’s dad, who spoke to ABC13 from his doorstep on Wednesday. “She was just here on Monday. She was playing with the kids,” he said while holding up Hernandez’s high school graduation photo. “They called us in the middle of the night to tell us she was dead.”

Banks was arrested at the home and charged with murder. He’s being held on a $75,000 bond.

The two children were not injured and are currently being cared for by family members.

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