Supply chain issues leave North Texas car dealerships with low to no inventory, increasing prices

Dallas, TX – The supply chain issues have been causing problems for months now, but as we approach the holiday season the issues seem to be increasing.

For companies and customers, the supply chain issues bring low supply, almost no choice and increased prices for products and services.

So is the case with the car dealers in the North Texas area where the offer of new and used cars is very low leaving potential customers with almost no choice when buying a car.

For those interested in buying a car right now, the best choice they can make currently is to wait for better prices and more choice.

The latest data provided by the car dealerships across the country shows that they now have around a third of the inventory they usually have.

Kelley Blue Book says nearly everyone looking for a new car is paying above asking price compared to last year when customers were paying less than listing price.

The problem seems to be industry-wide and no one is actually that powerful to solve it right now. Car dealers don’t even have enough vehicles to put it in their showrooms since the cars are sold out even before they reach the showrooms.

According to newly published data, people should be prepared to pay about $1,000 above sticker price, depending on the make and model.

Shannon and Matilda Ghanbari are repeat customers at Vandergriff Honda in Arlington. They’re in the market for a new car, but finding the right one has been a months-long endeavor.

“It’s frustrating because you almost don’t even have a choice anymore, you have to make a decision with leftover cars,” Shannon said.

Yuni Chon, the dealership manager, says that they had nearly 400 cars in their lot before the pandemic, but now they only have a total of 27 vehicles. This pretty much sums everything up.

“If you’re buying a new care right now, you’re probably walking into an empty lot,” he said. “Nine out of 10 times, when we get a truck, 50% are spoken for.”

Industry experts believe that the issue will be here in the upcoming period too. Until then, the best option for customers is to wait.

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