Another incident in Dallas Police Department, hundreds of hours of aerial surveillance video potentially stolen

Dallas, TX – While there is ongoing investigation about the huge data loss in two separate occasions in the Dallas Police Department, multiple sources reported for another potential incident within the department on Wednesday.

As Fox 4 reported, hundreds of hours of aerial surveillance video are potentially stolen by hackers.

The video material that is missing is surveillance footage taken by police helicopters and drones. At this point is unknown if the department has been hacked or someone leaked 1.8 Terabytes or 600 hours of surveillance footage.

That video, which includes crimes in progress and surveillance linked to ongoing investigations, was posted online Friday by a group that said all information should be public.

In the previous two incident the department lost complete access to the huge amount of data. This is not the case with this incident since the department claims that they still have access to everything.

“The Department cannot confirm at this time how much video information was breached. It is important to note that this video data was not lost nor is it missing. The Department, City of Dallas IT Services, and the 3rd Party vendor are working closely together in support of resolving this potential breach,” Sr. Cpl. Melinda Gutierrez said in a statement.

There is ongoing investigation about this incident too.

Officials with the Dallas Police Department said that once more details are available when the investigation is over, they will share it with the public.

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