Tarrant County is preparing for vaccinating children aged 5-11 against Covid-19 as authorization is expected in the upcoming days

The Covid-19 vaccine authorization for children aged 5-11 is expected to be officially announced in the upcoming days and health officials across the country are preparing for the process for some time now.

What we know so far is that the Pfizer vaccine should be authorized for emergency use to children in 5-11 age group, but lower dose of the vaccine will be applied. The vaccination process should start at the beginning of November, a decision that will make additional 28 million people eligible for vaccination as White House officials claim.

Tarrant County is also among those preparing for the vaccination and a Wednesday morning conference call gave insight into how Tarrant County school districts are preparing to administer COVID-19 Pfizer vaccinations for children 5-11 years old.

“We probably had over 40 people on the call, I think just about all, if not every, district in Tarrant County,” Tarrant County Judge Glenn Whitley said.

Whitley looks forward parents to get their children vaccinated as soon as possible and he even mentioned a desired timeframe for the process.

“I think everybody on the call said, ideally, they would love to have the first shot given before Thanksgiving, which would allow then the second shot to be given before the district closed down for Christmas break,” Whitley said.

“That way, when the kids went off for the Christmas break, it would be much safer and they could go and not be as concerned about trying to distance themselves,” Whitley added.

In an effort to speed up the vaccination process, improve vaccination rates and make easier for parents to vaccinate their children, many schools already confirmed they are about to allow vaccine sites in their premises. Those schools that still haven’t confirmed their consent for vaccination sites are expected to do it soon.

“It’ll be a partnership with the city of Fort Worth, certainly guided by advice from the county health department,” Fort Worth ISD Superintendent Dr. Kent Scribner said.

“We are collaborating right now the county health department and the city of Fort Worth, and we look to have drive-thru clinics here in our district for any parent who would like their child to be vaccinated,” he explained.

Although they still haven’t confirmed, Arlington ISD is also considering vaccination in schools within the district and their officials are working on the details. Arlington ISD allowed vaccine clinics at the schools when the Pfizer vaccine was allowed for children aged 12-18.

“If, by chance, a parent and a child, who might be in the Mansfield ISD, and a more convenient day was in Arlington ISD, just publicizing these things and allowing folks to go when they could go and where they can go,” Whitley said.

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