Well-known fully vaccinated Arlington ISD soccer coach dies of Covid-19 two months after contracting it, suffered immune system condition

Arlington, Texas – Despite the fact that Covid-19 vaccines are offering good protection against the virus, there still are cases when people end up in hospital with severe condition and some even die.

This was the case with popular and well-liked Arlington ISD soccer coach who unfortunately lost the battle with the virus two months after the contracted Covid-19 regardless of the fact that he was fully vaccinated.

According to multiple reports, the soccer coach Joey Rodriguez suffered from an immune system condition that still left him very vulnerable and that’s the reason why even the vaccine couldn’t help him.

Rodriguez was not just a coach, he was a mentor and father, a person that every person could rely on. Many generations will remember him as a hero.

Rodriguez coached the varsity team at Sam Houston and he left three children behind.

Many players said that Rodriguez played a major role in their lives as he had always supported the players, not just with the training and the games, but he also supported them in their lives.

One of them is Jose Ortiz who he says helped him achieve his dream every step of the way.

“That’s why I say he’s like a second father to me because he’s just a guy that I would talk to so much, text and be around,” he said.

Ortiz is a great representation how Rodriguez helped those in need. According to Ortiz, he was doing well with soccer, but struggled with his grades. As soon as Rodriguez learned about that, he took Ortiz under his wing.

“He was the one who helped me a lot with my grades because that’s something I wasn’t good at,” Ortiz recalled.

Rodriguez was a kind of person that knew how to get close with young folks and make them listen to him. Ortiz added that he had been very close with his coach during the high school years, but they remain in close contact even after graduation.

Rodriguez, a husband and father of three, caught COVID-19 and spent nearly two months in a hospital until he died Sunday night. He was fully vaccinated but had an immune system disorder.

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