Former Houston student opened fire inside school and shot and injured one school worker, police report

Houston, TX – The Friday morning shooting was almost fatal for one southwest Houston charter school worker who was shot inside the building by a former student.

According to the incident report, the shooting happened around noon on Friday at YES Prep Southwest Secondary, a charter school serving students in sixth through 12th grades.

Luckily, the school worker was the only injured and no other injuries were reported.

The shooter, a former student, approached the building and started firing multiple shots with a rifle thorough the glass in order to get into the building.

As soon as he entered the building, he shot several more shots, shooting at the back and injuring unidentified person who was later identified to be the school principal.

The authorities responded at the scene in a matter of minutes and the suspect surrendered without incident. He was immediately arrested.

The Houston Fire Department that transferred the injured man to hospital said that the injuries were non-life-threatening and he was expected to survive. The school didn’t immediately identify the victim, by students unofficially confirmed it was the school principal.

The police confirmed that the shooter was former student at the school, but they didn’t reveal the motive behind the shooting. They didn’t say if the victim was the main target or he was just random victim in the incident.

The identity of the shooter was not released by the authorities, they only said it was a 25-year-old Black man.

A line of students in masks streamed out of the school just before 1 p.m., holding their hands up to show officers they were not carrying a weapon. Multiple students told reporters that they saw blood while leaving the building.

“You don’t want anything like this to happen,” Houston Chief of Police Troy Finner said, “but I want to commend those students. Every student I’ve seen coming out, they were calm. The administrators, the teachers, outstanding job. I want to commend them … they train for it.”

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