Several Corsicana High School students were arrested this week after school officer found gun in classroom

Corsicana, Texas – Several Corsicana High School students were arrested earlier this week after the school workers and the school security officer found a gun in the school, multiple outlets reported.

According to the school officials, someone reported that one of the students has a gun in his backpack, somewhere on campus.

Right after that report, the school security officers searched multiple backpacks, but they didn’t manage to find the gun.

After another search and the questioning of several students, the gun was found hidden in a classroom.

Several students involved in the incident with the gun were later arrested.

While the school security officers were conducting the search, the school was closed and no one was allowed to go in and out of the school premises.

It was not revealed how many students were involved and how many of them were arrested.

So far, no additional information was given. Once more details are given by the local authorities, we will update the story.

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