Friday afternoon fight at an east Fort Worth park results with people shot and injured, transferred to hospital for treatment

Fort Worth, TX – Two people are hospitalized and treated for the injuries they sustained in a shooting following a fight at east Fort Worth park on Friday, police say.

According to the police report, deputies were dispatched at Rosedale Plaza Park in the 5200 block of East Rosedale Street after 2:30 p.m. on Friday following a 911 call in regards to shots being fired.

Police confirmed that two people were shot and suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the shooting. Their identities were not released immediately and police confirmed they have been transferred to hospital for treatment.

Later, a hospital officials said that one of the injured appears to be in critical condition.

The police confirmed that two assailants were arrested and taken in custody.

On July 1st, shooting incident took place at the same park when a man was shot following a domestic argument.

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