Dallas Police Department lost much more data than initially reported, some files will never be recovered

Dallas, TX – As we already reported few months ago, the Dallas Police Department lost huge amount of data in two separate incidents.

But the recent investigations showed that the amount of data the department lost, is by far bigger than initially reported.

In March, the city said an IT worker made a mistake leading to more than 8 million police case files being deleted.

According to Dallas Police Department officials, almost half of that data including photos, reports, videos and notes was recovered, but the rest of the data was lost forever and it can’t be recovered.

Following the incident, the IT specialist was immediately fired from the department.

The Dallas Police Department never officially announced the amount of recovered and lost data.

The audit said more than 17,000 criminal cases were affected and it’s not clear if the Dallas County District Attorney will be able to prosecute them.

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