There is no vaccine mandate for NBA players, but players have to abide by local health codes, Tex. Senator supports those unvaccinated

As soon as NBA players returned to training this week in preparations for the start of the season, some players officially informed the public that they are not vaccinated which raised a huge debate in the public.

As of now, the NBA players are not mandated to get the vaccine and reportedly, decent number of them are still unvaccinated.

In a tweet on Thursday, Tex. Senator Ted Cruz supported those who for some reason decide not to get vaccinated as he believes in freedom of choice.

“I’m standing with the NBA players and anyone who believes we should respect medical privacy and individual freedom,” Cruz said.

Dallas Maverick Trey Burke discussed his decision not to get the vaccine.

“I am just trying to look at all of the facts into, you know, what it could be and how it can affect me long term,” said Dallas Maverick Trey Burke.

Reportedly, unvaccinated players won’t be mandated to get the vaccine, but will have to undergo more frequent testing and will face some additional restrictions. Jason Kidd, Dallas Mavs coach, said that he believes that nearly 90% of the players are vaccinated and they, as a team, aim to reach 100%.

“We can only give the information, the right information, to our players and to our staff and then they have to make that decision,” said Kidd.

NBA spokesman Mike Bass believes that like Dallas Mavs, 90% of NBA players are vaccinated so far. This is what he said:

“A vaccine mandate for NBA players would need an agreement with the Players Association. The NBA has made these proposals, but the players’ union has rejected any vaccination requirement.”

The discussion over the vaccine mandates in NBA has been pretty intense in the last few days. According to the current protocols, players must abide by local health codes. If a player misses a game as a result of the fact that he doesn’t comply with the local health codes, he won’t be paid for that game. This especially applies for the vaccination.

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