One person is dead, one injured and one police officer is on administrative leave following a shooting at Wendy’s parking lot in Allen

Allen, TX – Monday afternoon shootout resulted with one person dead, another injured and one police officer on administrative leave, police say.

According to them, the shooting happened in the parking lot of Wendy’s off West McDermont Drive near Highway 75 Monday afternoon.

Authorities received a 911 call in regards to a disturbance and when they responded to the scene a man and a woman were enchaining fire in a broad daylight.

The call was made by 7-Eleven workers who are located close by. According to them, they didn’t see what actually is going out outside before they called the police, they only see the woman involved in the shooting incident carrying a shotgun in her hands.

Just when officers arrived at the scene, they saw the woman firing her weapon and one of the officers shot her. Witnesses say that the police officer ran to her as soon as he shot her trying to help her out. She was taken to hospital for treatment, but she was pronounced dead.

Right after the shooting, officers realized that the other man, who was also involved in the shooting, was shot at least once. He was taken to the hospital for surgery and is now in the intensive care unit.

Police have not released any names.

People living in the area called the shootout unacceptable.

“It’s sad and people need to wake up,” said Keshia Harris, who lives nearby. “What is it that made you so angry that you could pull out a gun and face somebody else and have a gunfight in the middle of the day when innocent people are walking around getting off of work?”

The investigation should reveal if the woman was shot by the officer or by the other shooter. It remains unclear what led to the shooting incident. As of now, authorities didn’t reveal more details regarding the shooting.

One vehicle with gunshots was taken by the investigators.

The officer involved in the shooting was put on administrative leave, a regular procedure.

We will update the case with more details when available. Stay with us!

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