Donald Trump is just a step away from jail as former acting Attorney General claims he forced DOJ to discredit election

The public has been under constant news attacks from Donald Trump, his fellow GOP members and supporters in the last couple of months since Biden won the presidential election last November. It looks like the people are already used to listen the same false claims on a daily basis despite the fact those claims are becoming less and less credible as the time passes.

Many expected Trump to be indicted following the criminal investigation about the Trump Organization but it ended up as small win for Trump after no charges were pressed against him. And Trump is well known figure escaping charges in the past in multiple occasions which was once again proven this summer.

Although Trump looks untouchable, creative businessman when it comes to avoiding the justice, the recent claims by the former acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen seems to push Trump just a step closer to jail, but this time for real.

According to the latest reports, Rosen reportedly said in his closed-door testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee last Saturday that former President Trump was “persistent” in attempting to put pressure on the Justice Department to discredit 2020 election results.

The information was initially reported by The Washington Post, citing a source believed to be first-hand familiar and present when Rosen testified in front of the committee. In his opening statement, Rosen allegedly said that he believed rump’s unsupported claims of a stolen 2020 election were “misguided”. He also added that he completely disagreed with the then-President of what the Justice Department do with regard to the election.”

“So we did not do them,” Rosen added, according to the source, who spoke to the Post on the condition of anonymity to share details from the closed-door session with committee staff.

“The president was persistent with his inquiries, and I would have strongly preferred that he had chosen a different focus in the last month of his presidency,” Rosen said, according to the Post.

Rosen added Trump was informed that the information he got was not true or misleading and that they will not take any action to discredit the election process. According to Rosen, Trump agreed with him at the time.

Even though it was not officially revealed what Rosen told the committee, members of the Judiciary Committee who attended the hearing said Rosen provided very important details about Trump’s efforts to overturn the Election results. Meanwhile, New York Times reported that Rosen spent several hours there adding additional fire that Rosen really provided some valuable information enough for criminal investigation on him.

“I was struck by how close the country came to total catastrophe,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) said, noting that there were some “highly significant leads” from the interview that the committee should investigate.

Just after the article was released on the Post, Trump’s spokesperson shared a statement with The Hill regarding all the unofficial information following Rosen’s testimony.

“We don’t need selective, partisan leaks from closed door testimony to know that President Donald J. Trump rightfully voiced his belief that America deserved a complete investigation into the 2020 election.”

“He has been doing exactly that publicly since Election Day,” she continued. “Sadly, the media has become obsessed with going after any American who is brave enough to ask questions and seek the truth, instead of actually looking into the serious and substantiated evidence of fraud.”

Special January 6 committee is also investigating Trump’s role in the riots and the period following the 2020 Election. DOJ inspector general is carrying out a separate inquiry into whether any current or former agency officials were involved in working to invalidate election results.

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