Super Bowl winner predicted by Fort Worth Zoo hippo

As of late, Fort Worth Zoo animals have not been exactly the best predictors of the Super Bowl. In 2019, the Los Angeles Rams were selected by baby gorilla Gus. The New England Patriots won. The San Francisco 49ers were selected by Travis the Rhino in 2020. The Kansas City Chiefs won.

Does this mean another Super Bowl ring for Tom Brady?

Whatever the case, Bubbles the hippopotamus on Thursday selected the Kansas City Chiefs over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win Super Bowl LV. Zoo staff used honey adhesive to stick apple slices onto her exhibit glass, with the image of a Bucs helmet on one side and Chiefs helmet on the other. It took Bubbles about 30 minutes to make her selection.

Fort Worth Zoo animals have been predicting Super Bowl winners since 1998 and, according to the zoo, have gotten it wrong for the past six years. However, the annual tradition is more than just a way to charm guests before the big game — it also enhances the animal’s environment and promotes physiological wellbeing by changing the complexity of its exhibit.

According to the zoo, Bubbles measures 9 feet long and weighs 2,600 pounds — roughly 1,250 pounds heavier than the remaining offensive line combined.

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